Ferry services may start in four weeks, says association

Palm Beach Ferry navigating the channel close to Lobster BeachPalm Beach Ferry navigating the channel close to Lobster Beach. Archive image 2017

The Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association vice-president Mr Mike Allsop believes ferry services could start in about four weeks, if dredging proceeds to schedule.

“The dredging will apparently involve an initial dredge cut that is aimed at reinstating the channel suitable for ferry operations,” he said. “This is expected to take three to four weeks, weather permitting, which means ferry services could potentially recommence in mid-August,” Mr Allsop said. “Once the initial cut has been completed, we understand that the dredge will continue to widen the channel with the goal of increasing channel longevity.

“This will be welcome news in an attempt to avoid the chaos that the current situation has caused. “We have not yet heard of Council’s plans for working with the State Government to ensure continuous access to the channel in future, but believe that their plans will be integrated with the overall strategy for reinstatement and management of the beach front at Umina and Ocean Beach. “Hydrodynamic modelling of this area is already being undertaken. “Integrating the channel works would make sense as it would then cover the currents and sediment movements in the entirety of the entrance to Brisbane Water.”

SOURCE: Newsletter, 26 Jul 2018 Mike Allsop, WTKCA