Avoca Beach residents unhappy about another water main break

Houses in The Round Dve Avoca Beach were inundated when a water main burstHouses in The Round Dve Avoca Beach were inundated when a water main burst

Three properties on The Round Dve, at Avoca, were flooded, when a large water main burst, just after 6:00am, on Wednesday, August 8.

This is the second major water mains break that has resulted in damage to homes in Round Dve this year. Central Coast Council announced it was alerted to the burst water main at approximately 6.20am that morning. “As this was a large main, a sudden release of water impacted three properties on The Round Dve,” a Council media alert said. “There has been some water damage across the three properties, including to the ground floor of property one, the garage of property two and the garden of property three. “Residents of these properties were able to remain in their homes,” the alert said. A Council team worked to repair the main as quickly as possible. Repairs required the removal of a large, approximately 20 metre-high gum tree, which was believed to be the cause of the water main burst, as its root system was directly above the main.

The water supply had to be temporarily cut to approximately 110 residents living on The Round Dve, Parrendi Cl, Kumali Cl, Nurragi Cl and Baronga Rd. They were informed that an alternative drinking water supply was available at Hazlett Park, Gill Ave and Avoca Beach Primary School. The residents were without water until 11:15pm. “Water main breaks will periodically occur across all water systems, and are typically caused by ground and weather conditions, tree roots and third party damage,” Council announced. “Council works to resolve water outages as quickly as possible and apologises for any inconvenience caused when outages do occur. “Council continually monitors the region’s water and sewer system and implements an ongoing renewal program for water and sewer mains.” Council’s Acting Director of Assets, Infrastructure and Business, Boris Bolgoff, said Council had a solution to minimise the risk of future water main breaks at Avoca Beach. “We have a plan in place for Avoca Beach and we will action this plan as soon as possible in light of recent breaks and associated property damage in the area,” Bolgoff said. “Our plan for maintaining and improving the Central Coast’s water and sewer system includes a region-wide water mains renewal program that began in July and has been prioritised based on areas that have experienced higher numbers of water main breaks in recent times.” Council has already completed the replacement of 575 metres of pipeline along The Round Dve and had identified plans to replace a further 1,600 metres of pipework which is currently planned to commence in October.

The new pipework will be constructed in the roadway, which will preserve trees and minimise water supply disruptions to customers during construction. A burst water main at The Round Dve, Avoca, on May 21, resulted in four homes being flooded so severely that one occupant needed to be rescued from their home by emergency services. Residents of The Round Dve affected by the flooding described the incident as a torrent of water descending downhill towards their properties. The flooding lasted for over an hour, but luckily the properties affected suffered no structural damage. At the time, residents said it was the fourth time properties on The Round Dve had been impacted by the water main bursting, and they were fed up with Central Coast Council’s approach to fixing the problem. Speaking to media following the May incident, The Round Dve resident, Ms Cherokee Neilson, said residents were tired of dealing with this. “It’s happened to me this time, but the three times previously, it happened to my friends. “We just really need the Council to step in and fix these problems,” Ms Neilson said.

Fellow residents, Mr Rob Jamieson and Mr John Vrkic, also spoke to media. Mr Jamieson said residents went without any notice on the status of the water main until breaks and subsequent flooding occurred. “The flooding has caused some severe damage to a lot of houses in the street,” Mr Jamieson said. Like Ms Nielson, Mr Vrkic’s home was also affected by the May flooding. Mr Vrkic said that whilst no structural damage had occurred to his home, he had been unable to return to his property for days whilst clean up and repair works were underway. Despite being structurally sound, the homes of all residents affected suffered property and goods damage during the incident. Mr Jamieson said it was time for Council to get the water main sorted. “Council needs to allocate more money to redo the whole line,” he said. “The Round Dve, Cape Three Points Rd, Avoca Dve, Yodalla Pl, Baronga Rd, Parrendi Cl and Nurragi Cl experienced a water outage on May 21, from 4:00pm to 6:00am on May 22, as the broken water main was repaired.

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