Students remove oyster lease debris from Pelican Island

Tired and muddy students return from Pelican Island to Woy WoyTired and muddy students return from Pelican Island to Woy Woy

Bushcraft students from Brisbane Water Secondary College Woy Woy joined with Clean4Shore to remove debris from Pelican Island on June 8.

They paid particular attention to cone oyster baskets left around the island’s bay. Trip supervisor Mr George Ruzek said low tide prevented the Clean4Shore barge from entering the inner bay section on Pelican Island, requiring all of the baskets students cleared to be carried 300 metres for loading. “Our first task was to round up all the baskets on the tidal water, then demolish a fibreglass boat that just appeared in the mangroves. “A sledgehammer made short work of the demolition, and students carried all the boat parts and oyster baskets, to Woy Woy Channel,” Mr Ruzek said.

“Students then had to wade out 30 metres in knee-deep mud to the lease. “About 80 baskets were untied, and thrown back to the bank. “The task then was to carry all the baskets back to the barge, waiting in Woy Woy Channel. “Plenty of laughter was had as the student sank in the mud, but a great sense of achievement was also felt,” Mr Ruzek said. “For the past seven years, Clean4shore has removed these cone trays from the foreshore and paid for disposal. “The oyster grower responsible has contributed nothing to the clean-up of his mess,” he said. Thanks to the efforts of College students Clean4Shore delivered 480kgs to Woy Woy tip.

SOURCE: Social media, 8 Jun 2018 Paul Gilmore, BWSC Woy Woy