Sand bar has been surveyed, association told

An over-fl owing public gallery at Central Coast Council’s Gosford chamber on May 14An over-flowing public gallery at Central Coast Council’s Gosford chamber

The Wagstaffe- Killcare Community Association has been advised that a survey of the sand bar has been completed ahead of dredging the Ettalong channel.
Association president Ms Peta Colebatch said: “The sand bar build-up has been surveyed and a design prepared for dredging works to enable a clear entrance to the channel between Little Box Head and Lobster Beach.
“At least 25,000 cubic metres of sand would be removed from the bar and the channel.
“The location for spreading the dredged sand has not yet been advised, but is potentially just off Ocean Beach to enable natural regeneration there.
“The channel from Lobster Beach onwards still has sufficient depth and width as we understand.
“Depending on the contractor, lead times and the weather, the works might be expected to take in the order of four to six weeks to complete.
“Ferry services could resume shortly after conclusion of the works if the resulting channel meets all safety and operational requirements.
“It’s anyone’s guess, but we’d say this is not likely until end July or early August.
“This work would be carried out as emergency works, funded by the State Government Department of Lands,” she said.
“A longer term maintenance regime will need to be put in place for the entire channel to avoid a repeat of the current debacle, and Council is now engaged in this process through the Rescuing our Waterways program run by the State Government.”
Ms Colebatch said local engineering expert, Mr Peer Dalland, was providing assistance to all parties with his insights and feedback on proposals.
“He has also been invited to join a project working group set up by the Department.
“We are keeping in close touch with Peer, Council and the Department concerned in the interests of keeping our community informed and in helping to ensure those responsible do indeed work together to achieve a sustainable outcome.”

Newsletter, 4 Jul 2018
Peta Colebatch, WTKCA

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