Excessive overdevelopment is not what residents want

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[Forum] I wish to add my objections to the growing list regarding the development application at 170-176 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy.

This is a proposal for 37 units in a three storey block plus seven two-storey townhouses, where there are currently four stand-alone houses along a very busy road. Proposed basement parking for 55 cars will add to the congestion of Blackwall and surrounding roads. The adjacent properties are mostly single storey villas or one or two storey stand-alone dwellings. The proposal exceeds the floor to space ratio, maximum building height and minimum street setbacks specified in planning controls. The proposal also will see the removal of many existing mature trees. This trend towards excessive multi-dwellings is a pattern of over-development and not what residents want. I take the opinion that Council needs to act responsibility, follow its guidelines and listen to community residents.

Email, 18 Jun 2018 Suraya Coorey, Woy Woy