Jeff Sundstrom to stand for Labor for the Terrigal electorate

Jeff SundstromJeff Sundstrom

NSW Opposition Leader, Mr Luke Foley, has announced Central Coast Councillor, Jeff Sundstrom, as Labor’s candidate for the Terrigal electorate at the 2019 State election.
The seat of Terrigal is currently held by Liberal MP, Mr Adam Crouch, who is expected to stand for re-election.
Clr Sundstrom is a long time resident of Kincumber and has served the local community as a firefighter for more than 35 years.
He is currently on extended leave.
He, and his wife Jenny, raised their children on the Central Coast.
Mr Foley said, “Jeff knows that the Central Coast has been taken for granted, as funding for TAFE, education and health has not been prioritised by the Liberal Government, which is steadfast in its plan to spend $2.3b on two Sydney stadiums.
“As a Councillor, Jeff has fought for the safe navigation of Brisbane Water, it being important for both commercial and recreational boating,” Mr Foley said.
“NSW Labor knows just how important this issue is to the Central Coast and Gosford.
“For too long, the responsibility for dredging has been the subject of finger pointing.
“A Foley Labor Government will negotiate a permanent resolution to this issue and ensure that the NSW Government meets its responsibility to keep the waterways safe and open.
“Jeff is committed to fighting for the people of the Terrigal electorate, and making the Coast an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.
Mr Foley, who visited Terrigal on Monday, June 4, said Clr Sundstrom had the knowledge and experience to “take on the Liberals in an electorate that could find a much better use for proposed government expenditure.”
Clr Sundstrom stood against Mr Crouch in the 2015 state election.
He told Coast Community News that he decided to recontest preselection and have another tilt at the Terrigal electorate.
“I knew that standing for the seat of Terrigal was most likely going to be a long-term project, and whilst I would have loved to have claimed victory in 2015, it didn’t mean that not being in that position was the end of the road for Labor and for myself,” Clr Sundstrom said.
“I am enjoying the Council workload, it is a great way to get to know more about what the community’s wants and needs are,” he said.
No other Labor candidates put their names forward for preselection in Terrigal, he said.
“I like to hear from people who have got issues.
“I like to do the best that I can to get a solution that is right for those people, and I like to talk to as many people as possible to get a good feel for what the community is looking for, and I have continued to do that since March, 2015.”
In terms of what he thinks the people of Terrigal want, Clr Sundstrom said: “They want a local member that they have the ear of.
“They want a local member that will take their issues on for them.
“I think they want a local member that is grounded in the community.”
When asked if he considered standing for Terrigal was an abrogation of his responsibilities as a Councillor, he said: “I deny that outright.
“I think that my position on Council has made me more of a lightning rod than I have ever been for the community to come to me with their issues, and the community will come to me on local, state and even national issues.
“I don’t think there will be any pressure to stand aside from Council,” he said.

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Jeff Sundstrom, Labor candidate for Terrigal
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