Chefs return to Woy Woy from New York

Chefs Mr Matty Bennett and Mr Rupert Noffs in the USA in 2015. Image: The Social ShuffleChefs Mr Matty Bennett and Mr Rupert Noffs in the USA in 2015. Image: The Social Shuffle

[Woy Woy] Chefs Mr Matty Bennett and Mr Rupert Noffs have returned to the Peninsula after having run a restaurant in New York.

After leading the kitchen at a Sydney restaurant for five years, they launched The Lucky Bee restaurant in Manhattan’s Lower East Side serving south-east Asian street food. Now, they are opening a restaurant with the same name at Frankie’s Rooftop Bar, Woy Woy, serving the same spicy, seasonal, southeast Asian cuisine. The Lucky Bee menu will consist of small and large plates designed to be shared family-style, with steamed or sticky rice, plus daily Chef Specials and Happy Hours. When possible, produce will be locally sourced; working with farmers and fishermen continuing the sustainable ethos.

Frankie’s will continue to serve their unique list of cocktails, wine and craft beers with additional tiki inspired libations from The Lucky Bee infusing local honey. “People ask why we decided to come back from NYC to Woy Woy. “The answer is simple; All our family are here, plus this summer was just too good to leave,” said Mr Noffs. “We fell in love with the Peninsula way before our family relocated here. “We have made many trips to the city since being back. “However, the Coast is where we’d like to live and work.” Mr Bennett said: “We had our pop-up Thai Take Over at Fishermen’s Wharf in 2015 and it was a huge success over the two fully-booked nights. “Rupert and I went for a beer a few weeks ago and knew Frankie’s Rooftop was the place to launch The Lucky Bee. “It’s the only rooftop cocktail bar with water views and we want to bring a little slice of NYC via Southeast Asia to Woy Woy,” Mr Bennett said.

SOURCE: Media release, 11 Jun 2018 Rupert Noffs, The Lucky Bee Woy Woy

Image: The Social Shuffle 2015