Flat-townhouse complex draws 14 objections in a week

Blackwall Rd streetscape viewed from the south westBlackwall Rd streetscape viewed from the south west

[Woy Woy] A proposal to build a 37- unit three-storey block of flats and seven two-storey townhouses in place of four houses in Blackwall Rd has attracted 14 submissions to Central Coast Council in the space of a week.

The $11 million proposal for 170-176 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy, was lodged on June 6 and 14 submissions had been received by Council by June 14. The proposal includes secured basement parking for 55 cars and adjacent “perpendicular” street parking providing 15 visitor spaces. It includes the demolition of existing single storey dwellings and the clearing of trees on the property. The proposal exceeds the floor space ratio, maximum building height and minimum street setbacks specified in the planning controls for the area.

Wales and Associates Urban Design and Development Services prepared a report in support of the proposed development by Apex Smarthomes Pty Ltd. The report stated the development would include private courtyards and advanced landscaping and would subsequently be strata subdivided. It said the floor space ratio exceeded the maximum in the Gosford Local Environmental Plan by 3.5 per cent which was “considered to be justified due to the design merit of the building, its relationship to the future streetscape and the overall bulk and scale of the buildings.

“The proposal will in fact improve the social and economic welfare of the local community and create a better environment by substantially improving the liveability and amenity of the locality by activating the Blackwall Rd and Farnell St frontages and the provision of good quality accommodation space that encourages people to live within 10 minutes walking distance (750 metres) to the Woy Woy town centre precinct,” the Wales and Associates report said. The proposed development also exceeds the maximum building height specified for the zone by 8.2 per cent.

“The encroachment is only considered minor at 8.2 per cent in relation to the overall bulk and scale of the proposed building and comprises the rooftop terrace and lift overrun,” the report said. Street setbacks off Blackwall Rd (western boundary) and the rear (eastern boundary) also do not comply with planning requirements. “Road upgrading works will be required as part of this application as the Farnell Road street frontage is un-kerbed,” the report said. “It is expected that appropriate conditions of consent will be included requiring the road frontage to be kerbed and guttered with road shoulder construction together with the proposed perpendicular street parking providing 15 visitor spaces adjacent to the development,” it said.

“The proposed development remains compatible with predominant patterns of buildings and gardens that define the existing and desired character of the local neighbourhood,” the report stated. However, many of the submissions made to the council did not agree. “The over-development of the Peninsula with multi-dwellings is not what the current residents want,” one submission objecting to the development said. “The traffic on that part of Blackwall Rd is horrendous without 50 more cars needing access,” it said. “The local shopping centre has had 12 shops close in 12 months. “There is no investment in the area as far as roads and drainage. “The local school on Blackwall Rd will face enrolment growth and the funding won’t match the growth. “The Council needs to show responsibility and reduce multi-dwelling application approvals.”

DA54551/2018, 14 Jun 2018 Gosford DA Tracker, Central Coast Council