Pro-active solution required for Kanwal sewage overflows

Kanwal residents photographed the overfl ow from a nearby sewerage station in the unsealed gutter at the front of their homeKanwal residents photographed the overflow from a nearby sewerage station in the unsealed gutter at the front of their home. Archive June 2018

Residents of Kanwal and Tuggerawong who have reported sewage overflows for many years, need a pro-active solution from Central Coast Council, according to Councillor Kyle MacGregor.

Clr MacGregor said several residents in Pearce Rd, Kanwal, had been expressing their concerns about sewer overflows since before he was elected to Council. “It is a neighbourhood wide problem because it starts at the top of the hill and goes down the hill towards the aged care centre,” he said. According to Clr MacGregor, the main source of the problem appears to be a sewer pump station located near Kanwal Oval, which is half-way along Pearce Rd. “When there have been overflows of raw sewage in the past, Council has sent teams out to clean it up, but then nothing has happened to follow up or get to the cause. “Around the same time, I asked a question on notice about the issue.

“I received a phone call from a Tuggerawong resident who had the same problem. “So if a neighbourhood or resident has an overflow, Council sends a team out and they fix the pipe or the pump, but there appears to be no ongoing maintenance on the system. “I have been told that the former Gosford Council did do ongoing maintenance, but it was stopped at some stage as a cost-cutting measure. “Multiple residents say this has been happening for over 20 years in Kanwal. “Council issued a statement to say it doesn’t happen very often and that is why they are not spending money on it, but it keeps coming back up as an issue.

“I went to see a resident of Pearce Rd about vegetation management and he ended up telling me a story about having toilet paper all through his garden. “Council came to clean it up and just pushed the toilet paper in a hole out the front of the house. “I have people complaining at public meetings or complaining when I am speaking to them about other things. “In answer to my question on notice, staff said they basically will do a call out, but not ongoing targeted maintenance or servicing, and they should be proactive rather than reactive,” Clr MacGregor said.

Source: Interview, May 25 Kyle MacGregor, Central Coast Council Jackie Pearson, journalist