Council endorses water and sewerage plan

Mayor Smith with Council's Senior Manager of Water and Sewer, Ms Bileen Nel at Wyong South Treatment Plant

A Water and Sewer Strategic Business Plan has been endorsed by Central Coast Council for submission to the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Mayor Cr Jane Smith said the strategic plan was an important part of the process to confirm water and sewer prices for the 2018-19 financial year. “This plan clearly aligns with our first ever Central Coast Council Community Strategic Plan, which articulates our vision for the Central Coast,” Cr Smith said.

The Water and Sewer Strategic Plan identified three key actions – enhancing the existing water supply system, using water efficiently, and accessing additional sources of water. Cr Smith said a further Councillor workshop would be undertaken within six months to incorporate improved catchment management and improved demand management measures. “Catchment management is again about protecting our drinking water catchment and demand management is let’s help residents to use less water.

“I want to look at those things a bit more closely and a number of councillors raised other matters in terms of stormwater and aging infrastructure,” she said. Water supply, sewerage and drainage fees and charges for 2018-19 remain at 2017-18 levels for residents across the whole Central Coast. In the case of a typical residential customer in the former Gosford Local Government Area, the total estimated charge for the year will be $1361.18.

That total will include a water service charge of $192.72, a sewer service charge of $672.42 and a drainage service charge of $124.64. Water usage is charged at $2.29 per kilolitre so for a “typical” household using 160Kl the cost for the year would be $366.40.

SOURCE: Media release, 29 May 2018 Jane Smith, Central Coast Council Central Coast Council agenda 3.11 and 3.14, 28 May 2018 Reporter: Jackie Pearson