The Bays asks for bus trial

The Woy Woy bus-on-demand trial at Woy Woy stationThe Woy Woy bus-on-demand trial at Woy Woy station. Image CCN archive 2018

The Bays Community Group is applying to get The Bays included in the new CoastConnect community transport program.

“I note in the edition 446 of the Peninsula News that the CoastConnect on-demand transport pilot has been launched in Woy Woy,” said group president Ms Cathy Gleeson. “Late last year when we met with Ms Liesl Tesch on various issues relating to the Bays community, this service was raised as part of the solution for smaller bus services within the Bays. “Unfortunately, it looks like at this stage the Bays has not been included in the pilot program, which is totally unsatisfactory.

“The Bays Community Group will now put forward a submission to have the Bays included in this service, as it would be of great benefit for the many commuters who have to make their way to Woy Woy Station on a daily basis, as well as other residents who need to get to the Peninsula outside of our regular Busways timetable,” Ms Gleeson said. “I would also encourage as many residents as possible to voice their opinions and objection to the Bays not being included in this pilot program, as many voices can make a huge difference,” she said.

SOURCE: Newsletter, 14 Jun 2018 Cathy Gleeson, Bays Community Group