Parliamentary Secretary overhears conversation

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An imaginary conversation:

Tiesel: “Davo, whatcha doin’ right now? (sic) Davo: “Not much. “Sitting in my office playing solitaire on my computer.” Tiesel: “Are you up for a stunt?” Davo: “Too right, what’s the plan?” Tiesel: “I am gunna (sic) promise that Rail crossing again.” Davo: “Have you done your homework? “Is the Council on board? “You know they have to take the lead because you’re talking about a Council road? “Have you spoken to Transport for NSW? “How much will it cost?” Tiesel: “No; no idea, do they, who, not a clue.” Davo “Perfect. “What time and where?” Tiesel: “Soon as. “Usual place. “Bring your serious, arms crossed look.” Davo: “I’ve been practicing that look in front of the mirror. “Mate, do you think it matters this is exactly the way this has been stuffed up before?” Tiesel: “Not my problem. “I just need something to get me through to the next election.” Davo: “I hear you. “Let me finish this game of solitaire and I’ll be right down. “I am trying for a PB.” Tiesel: “Thanks Davo, you’re a champ.”

Another day in the life of some of the elected representatives on the Central Coast.

Email, 26 Apr 2018 Scot MacDonald MLC

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