Mementoes were perfectly balanced

Students from 2B with their dragonfliesStudents from Umina Beach School, class 2B with their dragonflies.

Students in 2B at Umina Beach Public School have received a special memento from their teacher. Mr Buist, who teaches 2B, recently returned from a holiday in Vietnam.

Mr Buist returned with a small gift for each of his students – specially crafted metal dragonflies. Each dragonfly was painted in vibrant colours with varying prints and patterns adorning their wings and carapaces, but what students found most exciting was their design. Each dragonfly was designed to be perfectly balanced. Students in 2B had lots of fun balancing their dragonflies on their fingertips and even on their noses.

SOURCE: Newsletter, 8 May 2018 Sharlene Percival, Umina Beach Public School

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