Hot spot for roadside litter

Roadside rubbish collections by community members on Clean Up Australia Day 2018Roadside rubbish collections by community members on Clean Up Australia Day 2018

Central Coast Council has been successful in securing $36,000 in the latest Round of NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Litter Grants, to help tackle the growing issue of roadside litter on the Coast.

The Central Coast Roadside Litter Project has identified Blue Haven Link Rd as one of three hot spots for roadside litter, along with Somersby Industrial Park and the Kariong M1 on-ramp. Council Unit Manager, Learning and Education, Ms Beth Burgess, said the project will provide an integrated approach to litter prevention, including education and awareness, infrastructure, regulation and enforcement, at each target site. “This project is all about encouraging behaviour change and educating the community on how to report littering from vehicles,” Ms Burgess said.

“The grant funding will be going towards clean-ups of target areas, roadside signs at each site reminding motorists how to report littering from vehicles to the EPA, as well as installation of 19 dash cams in Rangers’ vehicles,” she said. “There will be increased Ranger patrols in these areas. “With the main litter identified as single-use takeaway containers and drink containers, we will also be handing out 2,500 reusable polyester tidy bags to local businesses. “The idea behind them is for motorists and passengers to keep rubbish with them until they are able to dispose of it responsibly, and not to have to worry about any leftover food or drinks spilling in their vehicles.

“The bags can then be rinsed and reused. “Right now, we are asking for businesses in and around the three target areas to come on board as partners to hand out the tidy bags.” Council Director Connected Communities, Ms Julie Vaughan, emphasised that reducing litter was a key priority for Council. “Littering of single-use containers and bottles is a major issue for our environment, and it is imperative that we do something about it,” Ms Vaughan said. “Thanks to this project, we will see some tangible outcomes to address the current state of these roadsides, as well as prevent it in the future. “This is not something Council can tackle alone. “We really need the whole community to get behind this initiative to stop littering in their own backyards, and help protect our incredible and unique region.” The project is an extension of the current Mountain District Roadside Litter Project and supports the Council’s promotion of the EPA’s, Don’t be a Tosser, campaign.

Littering from vehicles can be reported to the EPA online at epa.nsw. or via the Report to EPA mobile App.

Source: Media release, Apr 6 Central Coast Council media