Council seeks marine income figures

The fi re-damaged NSW Fisheries boatshed next to Fisherman’s Wharf at Woy Woy Photos: Tim ConwayThe fire-damaged NSW Fisheries boat shed next to Fisherman’s Wharf at Woy Woy Photo: Tim Conway

Central Coast Council will seek information from relevant NSW government agencies to determine the income to the NSW Government from the marine activities in Brisbane Waters, following the latest Council meeting.

The Council aims to use the information to establish a pool of funds to be available for dredging.  Council staff will urgently investigate the Rescue Our Waterways funding for dredging works on the Ettalong Channel,
noting that legal advice provided to Council confirms that it is the State Government’s responsibility to maintain the navigation channel.

A Council delegation will seek a meeting with the Minister for Roads and Maritime to argue that the Dredging Strategy be amended so that Brisbane Water is recognised as a priority for the NSW Government. A fact sheet will be produced for publication in local media and to be sent to marine users and local residents in the vicinity of Brisbane Water explaining the basis for Council’s assertion that the dredging of Brisbane Water to maintain the navigation channel is a responsibility of the NSW government and what residents can do to request action.

A request for another round of emergency funding from the NSW Government will also be made to undertake urgent dredging of the navigable channel.

SOURCE: Central Coast Council Item 7.1, 23 Apr 2018 Reporter: Jackie Pearson