CBD announcement politicised


I read with interest your front-page article, Planning Minister welcomes recommendation for Gosford City centre, Coast News ed.180.

What a shame that the NSW Government has so thoroughly politicised this announcement about the development of Gosford City centre. The picture features only politically-aligned people, including neither the Mayor of the Central Coast, Jane Smith, or local MP for Gosford, Liesl Tesch.

Government is supposed to be about providing services to the community, not an opportunity for blatant party political promotion and grandstanding. What a shame there wasn’t timely consultation with Council, potentially influencing siting of the Regional Performing Arts Centre alongside Kibble Park, to create a truly significant area for people to gather and celebrate, a centre that is both a green space and a place of civic and commercial activity, rather than what is a very stand-alone location in the main street.

Email, Apr 27 Kevin Armstrong, West Gosford

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