New NDIS health service

Image: Challenge Community ServicesImage: Challenge Community Services

Challenge Community Services, a new mental health service for local NDIS clients, recently opened a Therapeutic Services office in Tuggerah, employing four psychologists.

Two of the on-site psychologists are also Medicare providers, experienced with general referrals for mental health plans from GPs. Registered psychologist and team leader, Ms Helen Anglias, said that as an NDIS Provider, the Therapeutic Services team could provide help to people living with a disability to further develop their social skills, relationship skills, and manage their emotions.

“We also provide strategies and plans for people who have behavioural concerns and challenges, both for the individuals themselves and those in their care environment,” Ms Anglias said. Challenge Therapeutic Services provides cognitive behavioural therapy for people with disabilities and can help clients learn to make the link between their emotions and their behaviour.

“If you are a carer of someone with a disability who has behaviours that create barriers to their enjoyment of life, you can come to us for support around strategies and behaviour plans” Ms Anglias said. “We help our clients develop strategies for the entire anxiety cycle, around thought and physiology management, and awareness of behaviours, to provide them with multi-level skills to manage their anxiety,” Ms Anglias added. The psychologists are paediatric trained and have experience applying these strategies to both children and adults.

Source: Media release, Mar 23 Katrina Warmoll, Challenge Community Services