Financial counselling service for people affected by cancer

Volunteer carer Frank Image: Cancer Council NSW VideoVolunteer carer Frank Image: Cancer Council NSW Video

Cancer Council NSW has launched a new, face-to-face financial counselling service for people affected by cancer in the Central Coast region, with a dedicated Financial Counsellor delivering support exclusively designed for cancer patients and their families.

The service is funded by the Greater Charitable Foundation. Cancer Council NSW’s Financial Assistance Program had previously been a telephone-only support service for those based outside of Metro Sydney and Greater Western Sydney. Ms Annie Miller, Director of Cancer Support Services at Cancer Council NSW, said: “We know that when people are diagnosed with cancer, their support needs vary, with some preferring face-to-face contact to talking with someone over the phone. “We are incredibly grateful to the Greater Charitable Foundation for enabling us to launch this new service.”

In the Central Coast region alone, it is estimated that over 2,500 people will be diagnosed with cancer in a single year. Ms Angeline Sharp has taken up the new position of Financial Counsellor on the Central Coast.

Greater Charitable Foundation CEO, Ms Anne Long, said that those living with a cancer diagnosis, along with their families, face a range of challenges beyond the immediate health issues, which she hopes the funding and program will help alleviate. “When people are dealing with serious health issues, matters such as finances, understandably, are usually put aside to focus on the care of the person undergoing treatment,” Ms Long said.

“The reality is though, that these secondary issues need to be addressed. “This program can help people deal with additional stresses at a time when they are not necessarily in the best physical or mental space to do so. “It is a wonderful program that will continue to be in great demand on the Central Coast, and one that meets our charter to improve the life outcomes of families and communities” she concluded.

Source: Media release, Apr 10 Jayne Moloney, Cancer Council Central Coast