Extension proposed for Umina surf club

A proposed extension would be built at the eastern end of the existing surf club buildingA proposed extension would be built at the eastern end of the existing Umina surf club building

An application has been lodged for $120,000 of alterations and additions to the Umina Surf Life Saving Club building.

The proposal would involve the erection of a two-storey addition to the eastern end of the existing building. The lower ground floor would include an open storage area with roller doors located at each end for vehicular access. The upper floor would include an office, training room with an adjoining balcony. “The additions would be constructed from pre-cast concrete tilt slabs with sheet iron roofing to match the materials and finishes of the existing building,” according to a statement issued with the application by development consultants Clarke Dowdle and Associates, The extension has been considered necessary because it has come to the attention of the members of the club that a shipping container located to the east of the existing building that is used to store club equipment is located on Ocean Beach Rd reserve which is Council-owned land. “The club is now wishing to remove the shipping container and to offset the loss of storage room, provide additional storage room for the safe storage of club equipment which includes kayaks, boards and ancillary life-saving equipment,” the statement said. “The storage area within the existing building has become inadequate to cater for the ongoing increasing patronage of both the senior and junior members joining the club,” it said. “To cater for this additional patronage and subsequent demand for equipment requirements additional storage area is required to safely accommodate valuable equipment within a secure location. “The upper floor training room and office will allow purpose built training and education room that will enhance the operational facilitation of the club with the incorporation of an appropriate area for board meetings, club meetings, seminars and training courses (such as bronze medallion, in-service courses and board meetings). “The addition of an office located within the north-east corner of the first floor will provide an appropriate private room away from members and guests for business purposes allowing enhanced operational facilitation for the club. “The proposal entails a minor addition to the surf club building to allow enhanced operational facilitation of the community building. “The additions would not entail environmental or ecological impacts as the additions would be located on already developed land. “The alterations and additions would allow sufficient setbacks to allow curtilage around the perimeter of the building. “The proposed exertions to the club would be commensurate with the height and scale of the existing building and the schedule of finishes to be commensurate with the existing finishes. “The proposal incorporates sufficient open space and landscaping to allow the softening of the built form when presented to the public domain as well as curtilage for pedestrian and vehicular access. “The extension would occur for 3.2 metres outwards to the eastern side of the existing building. “The additions would not encroach upon Council land and would continue to allow vehicular access upon the existing pavement along the eastern side of the club building. “Access to the beach would continue to be wide enough for emergency vehicles to travel through the front of the dune and down to the beach,” the report said. “It is noted that the main access that runs along the western side would continue to be the main point of access for emergency vehicles, given the access point is clearly marked for no parking for such purpose. “The proposed development is consistent with the objectives, planning strategies and controls applicable to the site. “The appropriate assessment has been undertaken to ensure that the development would not be detrimental to the environmental or amenity aspects of the site.” The proposal will not be advertised but adjoining property owners will be notified by Council between April 16 and May 1.

SOURCE: Gosford DA Tracker, 17 Apr 2018 DA54147/2018, Central Coast Council