Parking strategy report called for

Mann st parkingA full State govt car park on Mann St

Councillor Rebecca Gale Collins has called for a report to be provided to a future Council meeting on what action is being taken to develop a parking strategy to deal specifically with the Gosford CBD.

Clr Gale Collins tabled her notice of motion at the February 12 Council meeting, and it was seconded by Clr Chris Burke. Clr Gale Collins asked for the report to include information about the provision of and preference for free parking in Gosford CBD. She asked for the report to identify new potential sites for parking stations and places, and for potential upgrades or augmentation of existing spaces and sites.

She moved: “That the Gosford CBD parking strategy be the first developed and that other CBDs and regional hubs, particularly on the train line and freeway interchange sites, have a strategy developed for them subsequent to the Gosford CBD strategy.” Clr Gale Collins also called for several short-term strategies to be investigated in the Gosford CBD, including opportunities at Gosford showground and Adcock Park.

She has asked for confirmation on the length of use of Kibbleplex for parking, and the possibility of other privately-owned sites being suitable for parking. The notice of motion also called upon Council staff to have discussions with the Australian Taxation Office and St Hilliers “with regard to their future needs for staff parking and for consideration of additional parking for cycling (pedal and motorised) within the CBD and park and ride options. The motion received unanimous support.

Source: Agenda item 5.2, Feb 12 Central Coast Council ordinary meeting