Parents told of play equipment ban

A concept plan for the new natural wood play areaA concept plan for the new natural wood play area

Woy Woy Public School has told parents that students must not use the school’s play equipment out of school hours, even when under parental supervision.

“We encourage parents to be part of our school community and welcome you onto our site,” principal Mr Dan Betts said in a newsletter to parents “However, parents do not have authority over students during school duty hours from 8:20am or at the time to come onto school grounds to begin school for the day or if waiting for children on site after school. “While it is nice to socialise on school grounds, it is required that you always abide by school requirements, protocol and The Parent, Carer and Visitor Code of Conduct.” Mr Betts said he written, “due to so many students playing on fixed equipment in our school grounds out of school hours even when teachers have asked them not to be on the equipment”. “The school fixed play equipment is for school use during school hours only. “It is used only under teacher supervision and is unsafe for our students otherwise. “We have had a couple of nasty accidents when students have accessed the equipment before and after school hours without teacher supervision.

“Students have plenty of time during school hours to play on and enjoy this equipment under required teacher supervision. “Please do not let your child play with this equipment even if you are there. “It is school equipment and comes under the rules of operation set down by the school and under Health and Safety regulations. “Authorised personnel must adequately supervise it,” Mr Betts said. “Signs have been ordered for these equipment areas to further remind everyone that it is not a public park but an area within school grounds and thus operated by the school as it deems necessary. “When students are on school grounds, they are under the care of school staff. “Supervision by teachers in our school starts at 8:20am in the morning.”

SOURCE: Newsletter, 23 Feb 2018 Dan Betts, Woy Woy Public School