Outrageous variations of 75 per cent

In response to the article in Peninsula News edition 440, Construction certificate issued for multi-dwelling project, the item raises questions about council’s assessment and public information.

At the time the DA was released for public comment, was it advised that the assessment would include variations of 75 per cent? I expect the public made submissions, assuming minor variation practice would apply, but not outrageous variations of 75 per cent. The problem can be easily solved by the council. When developments are released for public comment, Central Coast Council should advise the percentage variation applicable to the development i.e. 75 per cent. This will enable councillors, and the public, to comment on the developments, using the same assessment standards adopted by council. Life becomes easier. It is a huge leap forward for sustainability, ecological sustainability, productivity, public relations, transparency, accountability and time management. When will it happen? What would happen if specifications generally could have variations of 75 per cent? Answer: Court gridlock.

Letter, 14 March 2018 Norman Harris, Woy Woy