Key questions remain unanswered

Letters to the editor

Why would Transport for NSW opt to develop a site zoned E2 and E3 (rural and protected), when an alternative site zoned industrial is available?

Why would Transport choose a site that needed an extra $50m, as a conservative estimate, spent on a bridge to be built for access when another is waiting with an immediate entry? Why would Transport build in a known flood zone, threatening the surrounding area with increased inundation? Why would Transport place their facility at a point to enter and exit an 80kph busy main line, endangering the lives of railway workers, when a completely safe zone is ready? Why do Transport insist on destroying a unique pristine area that presents them with multiple development problems and expense, when approximately 10k down the track, a Council endorsed, eminently suitable site, is on offer? Why does Transport not place value on rare and endangered flora and fauna that need to be protected? Until these questions are answered the residents of Kangy Angy cannot accept Transport’s proposal to build a Rail Maintenance facility in their backyard.

Email, Mar 12 Susan Zgraja, Fountaindale