Go Gosford campaign brings Groundhog Day to mind

Letters to the editor

One has to be excused for thinking it’s Groundhog Day when reading of the Go Gosford campaign to give the community a say on the revitalisation of Gosford (Government architect sets the scene for the future of Gosford CBD; Coast Community News March 1).

According to the Central Coast Coordinator General, the Urban Design Implementation Framework, and the accompanying short four week campaign, will provide clear parameters about the key city areas including “the provision of visuals about what this city would look like.” Isn’t this exactly what Our City Our Destiny Gosford City Masterplan already provided, with the Masterplan involving a lengthy and comprehensive consultation process and visuals of how it could look?

It’s quite ironic that while this process is now being duplicated, albeit, with much less rigour, the Government architect tells us he believes Gosford is suffering from planning fatigue. Given the rather short attention span of government officials and the limited budget for this campaign, can l provide them with the very good renderings already available in the original Masterplan? This plan was totally ignored by state officials to instead implement the planning disasters we now see on our waterfront. Perhaps the Coordinator General and the Deputy Government Architect can save us more time and money by simply telling us what the politicians intend to do, regardless of the views of the broader community, and finally, bring this farce to an end?

Email, Mar 6 Dr Tahir Turk, Springfi eld