Closing roads in Terrigal will not ease congestion


I fully agree with Ms Griffith’s arguments and concerns (Terrigal is being choked by its own development) in the forum of Coast Community News, March 1.

I looked at the proposed stage 1 and 2 concept diagrams for Terrigal traffic flow and have grave concerns. We moved from Sydney, after living and fighting the traffic for 34 years, to the Central Coast at Terrigal, not only for its unique beach and beautiful ambience but also its laid-back atmosphere and proximity to all amenities. Yet within two years, we fi nd it so diffi cult to drive through or park, especially during weekends. Surely, the multiple developments approved by Council play a part in this congestion. However, one can’t resist development, but surely one can find better ways of traffic flow rather than restricting what there is. To provide two examples of where Councils tried to stop vehicle traffi c and make it only for pedestrians, where both have ended in failures, Parramatta’s Church St, where Council reopened the previously closed Church St, due to increased crime and complaints from the shopkeepers, and Manly Corso, with sleepy, cheap, shops and not much in the way of tourist attraction. A constant traffic does have its benefit of preventing criminal elements taking over the zone and providing interest and life to the area. Instead of increasing the available roads for traffic, restricting it further would be a mistake. I sincerely hope that Council has no intention of building above ground parking station monstrosities in the haven.

Email, Mar 2 Dr Nalini Gayer, Terrigal