Award recipient objects to nursing home

Environment award winner Mr Norm HarrisEnvironment award winner Mr Norm Harris

The man who received an Australia Day award from Central Coast Council for his work with the environment has written to the council opposing a proposal to build a nursing home in endangered bushland in Hillview St, Woy Woy.

The proposal, submitted by Thompson Health Care, is to build a three-storey, 160-bed nursing home on land which contains bushland known as Umina Coastal Sandplain Woodland. The objection to the proposal from Mr Norm Harris was the first to be logged on the Council’s development application tracker. In his submission, he said the issue would probably outlive the Central Coast Council and would rival a local planning incident at Koolewong, known as the Taj Mahal, for notoriety. “I estimate the total costs borne by the council to be $15 million,” the submission stated. “Item B4 of Council’s policy for determining development applications subject to significant public objection states ‘submissions assist Council in being aware of relevant issues and community concerns when determining an application’. “This comment first generates laughter, quickly followed with despair.

‘The unique, rare and endangered ecological community, Umina Coastal Sandplain Woodland, on the site, is at risk of damage with any activity except approved Bushcare consultants and accredited volunteers. “Check any construction site and observe the first action of commencement is to clear the site of all vegetation. “Any development on the site will require increased inspections to ensure the endangered Woodland is protected. “The vegetation on the site was at risk of being denuded; that risk is existing,” the submission said. March 15 is the closing date for public submissions on the proposal.

SOURCE: Gosford DA Tracker, 6 Mar 2018 DA53784/2018, Central Coast Council