Rocks on beach since work on Ettalong dunes

Letters to the editor

Bravo to Kristine Martin of Blackwall for her very sensible and factual comments in the Forum of Peninsula News (Edition 438, February 12) regarding the restoration of the Umina beachfront.

We need to reverse the damage caused by past human interference by restoring vegetation on the dunes and removing the rocks on the Point which were placed there by Council in the 1980s, to allow the beachfront to recover naturally. If Matthews Wales would like to observe the mess that can result from Council dune restoration works, he needs to walk along Ettalong Beach at low tide between the Mantra and the public wharf, through the rocks on the beach and in the water. There were no rocks on this beach prior to these works in 2015.

Email, 19 Feb 2018 Peter Brell, Ettalong

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