Make the Peninsula accessible to all ages

It could be so valuable for many if we could to drum up some interest in this “accessible destination” concept.
It seems to me, a team of people who want to make a difference in a meaningful way could get together and do this.
This isn’t only about elderly folks. This about providing opportunities for people of all ages.
The time is right.
I have written to the Member for Gosford, Ms Liesl Tesch, to encourage her involvement.
Prior to moving to the Coast, I was involved in local government as an independent councillor with the City of Sydney (2004-2012).
Among other interests, I worked with a committed group of people with disabilities, we provided advice to Council on Disability/Accessibility matters.
I am still interested in community issues and recently spent many months contributing to the Community Plan Central Coast document.
Certain business people on the Peninsula are looking at ways to increase their income.
I was approached to contribute to their discussions.
I said we, the Peninsula, need to be a unique destination for tourists and suggested promoting our area as highly accessible for all ages.
To do so we would need to include better accommodation; specific adventurous opportunities for young people; easy access to national parks.
I would be interested to hear from others about this concept.

Email, 20 Jan 2018
Marcelle Hoff, Ettalong