Land Council CEO resigns

Teacher Casey Natty (right) with Sean Gordon (left) at a NAISDA ceremony.

Long-standing CEO of the Dankinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council on the Central Coast, Sean Gordon has resigned, citing a need to move on to new challenges.

Christine Hammond, Chair of the organisation said: “Over the last nine years Sean has overseen the transformation of Darkinjung from a period of administration to a dynamic Land Council ..”

Mr Gordon took to social media to announce his decision. It came as a surprise to many in the community, judging by the tributes that poured in as a response. Elanor McCall wrote ‘congratulations on all of your achievements with Darkinjung LALC..’. Graham Bates wrote ‘I thank you for all of your help and guidance with the Land Council over the past 9 years. The challenges you set within the organisation have seen the Land Council, and it’s staff achieve great things,’.

In a media statement, Mr Gordon said “I would like to personally thank the board, staff and members of Darkinjung for their continued support,” adding “I have learnt so much as CEO of Dankinjung and the Central Coast community will hold a special place in my heart as I look to my new adventure”.

More to come in the Wyong Regional Chronicle.

Source: Media Release Darkinjung LALC, Feb 14, 2018. Facebook page of Darkinjung LALC.