Country going downhill through loss of manufacturing


In the last few weeks, it was reported that the English are now getting back to manufacturing, so Mr. Turnbull and Mr. Shorten where is ours?
Since the 1970’s, we have been going downhill because we are relying on overseas manufacturers to supply us with our clothing, shoes and steel.
Let’s get back to our nation manufacturing our own.
Our steel, that is being imported, is inferior, and our buildings are falling down around our ears.
No clothing and shoes are made here, all imported, bringing down our economy.
No cars are being made here because our governments are bowing down to the Americans and Asians to build them.
I wonder if any Australian Government Labor or Liberal is interested in our nation anymore.
The Australian people are very disappointed in having our nation going downhill and are now so frustrated that our children have no jobs and no prospects.
Our elderly are being told to work until they drop or die, so pensions don’t have to be paid.
Even Americans can see that successive governments have done the same.
Remember, cheap labour brings out the worst in people and hidden taxes are crippling our country and our businesses.
Now we have foreign supermarkets coming here.
Our old firms like Mark Foy’s, Gowings, David Jones, Waltons and other well-known companies are disappearing.
The only thing that is flourishing is the overpaid public service and consultants, what a waste of public money.
Let’s get our industries going again, we can do it.

Email, Dec 27
Robert Findley, Point Clare

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