Citizen of the Year is appealing for help

Andrew Church is seeking aid from the community in his battle with terminal cancer

Mr Andrew Church, the 2016 Gosford City Citizen of the Year, is appealing to the community for help after being diagnosed with stage 4 terminal Bowel Cancer.
Mr Church has begun a Go Fund Me Campaign to raise funds for alternative medicines and treatments after he was told by physicians that there was nothing they could do.
Mr Church recalled the conversation with his doctor in late 2017 when he was told there was little that could be done.
“Inoperable and untreatable.
“That’s what I was told,” Mr Church said.
“I enjoy giving.
“I’m compelled to do it.
“I can’t actually help myself.
“I’m so used to doing the ‘reaching out’, the offers of assistance, the voluntary board contributions, the kind gestures and the ‘well out of my way’ good deeds for others,” Mr Church wrote on Go Fund Me.
“Far out, I was even the 2016 Gosford City Citizen of the Year.
“I’ve always sought to ‘be of service’, but this has thrown me.
“Two years after radical surgery for bowel cancer, I thought I had this beat.
“My specialists have advised me of a likely expiry date not too far in the future, with only palliative chemotherapy on offer from Medicare or my Health Insurance, which is not so appealing.
“There are however some alternative treatments that could make a difference,” he said.
“And so I’ve decided that I’m not done giving yet, and I still have a book or two to write and a few wonderful food adventures.
“Not to mention seeing and supporting our children, who have careers and families of their own, and enjoying some golden years with my wife of nearly 35 years.
“To do these things is to complete my life’s work, but I need help.
“The alternative therapies and treatments might be the lifesaver I need, but they are a killer financially.
“My family has its modest assets tied up in a modest home.
“It’s not my style to put myself above others, yet I accept that this course of action is necessary, and I intend to serve the community for decades to come.
“I am a father of three; our eldest being blind, the next living overseas and not seen for four years, and our youngest being 16 years old.
“My goal is to raise $25,000 for alternative therapies including specialised bloodwork diagnosis that matches my tumour type for high dose targeted infusions, an ongoing regime of 30 plus supplements, a strict whole food plant based diet and full de-acidified/alkalised water exposure.
“If you can help in whatever way you can afford, I promise to give the best of everything I have left to these endeavours,” Mr Church wrote.
As of January 29, Mr Church has raised $4,375 of his $25,000 goal.
If you would like to donate to the campaign visit the Go Fund Me website and search for Andrew Church Fighting Cancer in medical campaigns.

Website, Jan 14
Andrew Church, Gosford

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