Another non-complying application is lodged

Street view of the single dwelling to be replaced with four new dwellingsStreet view of the single dwelling to be replaced with four new dwellings

Another development application has been lodged with Central Coast Council, arguing that it should not have to comply with planning guidelines.

The proposal is for four new dwellings in Edwards St, Woy Woy. The application acknowledged that the proposed development did not comply with current planning controls for setbacks, parking and open space, but listed 14 recent approvals to justify the noncompliance. The 14 are: DA 45890/2014 – 14 Whiting Street, Ettalong Beach; DA 46204/2014 – 4-6 King Street, Umina Beach; DA 46490/2014 – 12 King Street, Umina Beach; DA 46946/2014 – 176 Bourke Road, Umina Beach; DA 47271/2015 – 177 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy; DA 47687/2015 – 7 Greene Street, Woy Woy; DA 47716/2015 – 117 Booker Bay Road, Booker Bay; DA48127/2015 – 174 The Esplanade, Umina Beach; DA49404/2015 – 127 The Esplanade, Umina Beach; DA50019/2016 – 16 Berith Street, Umina Beach; DA49124/2016 – 46 Berith Street, Umina Beach; DA48944/2015 – 8 Osborne Avenue, Umina Beach; DA52242/2017 – 9 Priestman Avenue, Umina Beach; DA52934/2017 – 7 Gallipoli Avenue, Blackwall. “Council in its planning assessment have conceded that the prescriptive requirements outlined within the Multi-Unit Housing and Residential Flat Buildings chapter are unrealistic for medium density development to occur within the Peninsula area,” the application argued.

The applicant has argued that the development would have the same scale, site cover and setbacks as other recently-approved development applications. “Consequently the proposal provides for additional dwellings within smaller households that are consistent with the built form that has been approved in the area. “Given that the evolving form of medium density development has occurred in the locale the proposal is consistent with the established and evolving character of the immediate vicinity and surrounding area,” the applicant said. “The proposed multi-housing development is considered as minor scale development that merely seeks to upgrade the existing housing stock in the locality. “The proposed development is located in a low volume trafficked street. “Given the site is zoned as medium density residential, the absorption capacity is considered as acceptable in this instance.”

The 980 square metre site is located on the western side of the road reserve and is relatively flat, according to the development application. It currently contains a single dwelling and a driveway. The surrounding neighbourhood consists of medium density housing and a blend of one and two-storey houses. The application seeks to demolish the existing house and erect four single-storey brick veneer dwellings. Access would be via a driveway running along the southern boundary with a separate garage for each unit. The proposed units include front courtyard fencing that provides areas to store rubbish bins away from the street and from the courtyard areas within the site. SOURCE: Gosford DA Tracker, 20 Feb 2018 DA53647/2018, Central Coast Council