MacDonald apologises for train disruptions

Scott MacDonald Scott MacDonaldScott MacDonald

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Mr Scot MacDonald, has apologised “to commuters and train users who were impacted by delays and disruptions to the services”.

“I am very confident the Government can learn from the challenges arising from recent disruptions.” Mr MacDonald said: “The Government is committed to bedding down the extra services and providing the additional capacity Sydney and the Intercity Fleet needs.” The NSW Government is investing in extra intercity services to the Central Coast and the Hunter, he said. “The new $2.3 billion Intercity Fleet is now a little over a year away from the commencement of roll out. “That will also increase reliability and comfort for train users on the Central Coast.”

SOURCE: Media release, 11 Jan 2018 Vincent DeLuca, Office of Scot MacDonald MLC