Little Theatre performs satirical comedy Australia Day

Woy Woy Little Theatre’s cast for Australia DayWoy Woy Little Theatre’s cast for Australia Day

Jonathon Biggins’ satirical comedy Australia Day will be performed at Peninsula Theatre by Woy Woy Little Theatre opening on Australia Day, January 26, for a three week season.

Theatre veteran Mr Bruce Hyland is playing the lead role of Brian, the Mayor of Coriole and head of the Australia Day committee determined to make the annual celebration one to remember. Brian has to juggle personality clashes on the committee, last minute setbacks and political machinations around his own bid for a Federal seat in parliament as the hilarious play unfolds. “Brian is a stereotypical small businessman in a regional city where climate-change denial, disrespect for aborigines and opposition to change is the norm,” Mr Hyland said. “He is a firm believer in the free market until the free market actually affects him adversely.

“He probably thinks of himself as honest, although he’s quite prepared to act illegally if it suits him. “He espouses the tradition of mateship but will abandon a mate if it’s advantageous to him. “It makes him an interesting character to play because you want the audience to recognise his faults while sympathising with the predicament that he finds himself in. “Many of the elements of the play will seem very relevant to residents of Woy Woy,” Mr Hyland said.

Ms Terry Collins who plays Maree said: “Over the last 12 months, Australia Day has been the most performed play in theatres around Australia, with its poignant use of humour in a way that allows the audience to laugh at things that would normally make them cringe. “Joining Bruce in the production are theatre stalwarts Andy Kabanoff, Stephen Cummings, Rosemary Parsons and myself, along with impressive newcomer Loc Hua.” The production is directed by Graham Vale.

SOURCE: Media release, 10 Jan 2018 Terry Collins, Woy Woy Little Theatre