Jackie Pearson’s Wallarah 2 video update Jan 22, 2018.

Jackie PearsonJackie Pearson

Video News: The NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has recommended that it would be in the public interest for the state’s Planning Minister, Mr Anthony Roberts, to approve the Wallarah 2 coal mine.

As we have since the inception of our newspapers, Wyong Regional Chronicle and Coast Community News will keep our readers and online audience completely up to date with comprehensive coverage of the PAC decision and resulting outcomes.

Central Coast Video News - Wallarah 2 update
Published at 2018, January 22
Wallarah 2 mine update. Senior Journalist Jackie Pearson gives an update on the recent mine approval
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The latest edition of Central Coast Newspaper’s video news gives an overview of the latest Wallarah 2 developments. Senior journalist, Jackie Pearson, explains the basics of underground longwall coal mining in easy-to-understand language. The reasons behind the PAC determination are also explained and the benefits of the Wallarah 2 project outlined including its potential to create jobs on the Coast for the next 28 years. Arguments against the approval of Wallarah 2 are also outlined in our most recent video news which is available online now, along with all our stories on Wallarah 2 at coastcommunitynews.com.au.

Central Coast Newspapers is committed to following this regionally significant story, as it has done for many years. We providing online video news to enable our readers an alternative way of gaining insight into important issues. We encourage readers to subscribe to our Youtube channel and to follow our Facebook New Page.