Greens say mine decision demonstrates election promises cannot be trusted

Jeremy Buckingham

NSW Greens energy and resources spokesman, Mr Jeremy Buckingham, said the approval of the Wallarah 2 coal mine demonstrated that the Liberal Party could not be trusted to keep election promises, and will always back the coal industry over the community.
“Prior to the 2011 State election, then Liberal leader, Mr Barry O’Farrell, told a rally of residents on the Central Coast that the Liberal Party would not allow coal mining to go ahead in the water catchment, ‘No If’s, No Buts, A Guarantee’,” Mr Buckingham said.
“Now, seven years later, the Liberal Party has betrayed this promise and the people of the Central Coast.
“It’s an absolute disgrace that the Liberal Party lied to the people of the Central Coast and have now broken the promise by approving the Wallarah 2 coal mine,” Mr Buckingham said.
“Residents of the Central Coast will understandably feel betrayed by the Liberal Party putting coal mining ahead of their drinking water.
“In 2014, the Greens introduced a bill into NSW Parliament to enact the Liberal Party promise to stop the Wallarah 2 coal mine, but both the government and the opposition refused to even allow debate on the bill.
“The old parties are absolute hypocrites.
“NSW should not be approving any new coal mines, let alone coal mines that threaten vital water catchments.
“The community of the Central Coast has long battled this mine and I’m sure they will continue, and the Greens will stand with them the entire way,” Mr Buckingham concluded.

Media release, Jan 17
Max Phillips, Office of Jeremy Buckingham MP