Crowd funding campaign for injured dog

Millie the Labradoodle was shot with a spear gunMillie the Labradoodle was shot with a spear gun

A crowd-funding campaign has been launched for the owner of the labradoodle that was attacked in Woy Woy.
The day after the Go Fund Me campaign had been launched by Ms Fiona Crain of Animal Talent, the campaign had raised $996 of its $15,000 goal.
“Millie is a one-in-a-million dog – loving, loyal, friendly with other dogs and much-loved by her family and the local community.
“She is a dog with a big heart and sweet, gentle nature.
“Her injuries are extensive.
“She has a collapsed lung, a fractured skull and serious internal and skeletal injuries.
“She is receiving around-the-clock specialist veterinary care and may be facing further surgeries,” Ms Crain wrote.
“This campaign has been started by the team at Animal Talent to enable the dog-loving community locally and worldwide to assist Millie’s owner with the ever-mounting veterinary expenses which are already in the thousands and the cost of future rehabilitation.
“Millie is only three years old and just starting out in her life journey.
“Her owner is a hard-working everyday mum who wants to give her special girl every chance to survive.
“We would all want the same for our four-legged friends,” she said.

Website, 24 Jan 2018
Fiona Crain, Go Fund Me Campaign