Everyone is a Woy Woy town centre stakeholder

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The Woy Woy Town Centre Masterplan (PN 436, January 15) should be brought forward to 2018 for public comment while Cr Jane Smith is the mayor.
The mayor’s comments in the Coast Community News (December 14) regarding future development of the Gosford CBD also apply to the Woy Woy Town Centre.
The mayor’s interest in strategic planning should also include Woy Woy town centre.
Matthew Wales considers that key stakeholders namely, property owners, local professionals and business people, will provide representation from the business community based on investment.
I believe everyone using the facilities in and around the Woy Woy town centre is a stakeholder including commuters and motorists.
Matthew Wales underrates the importance of the rail hub’s proximity to the town centre and future increases of commuters with the inevitable redesign of the interchange.
Strategic planning is needed, not lobbying by “key stakeholders” and the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.
Similar to the Gosford CBD, Woy Woy renewal provides challenges.

Letter, 18 Jan 2018
Norman Harris, Umina