Innovative eBook portal for commuters

eBooks and eMagazines are available from you local Central Coast library. Image: Creative Commons CC0eBooks and eMagazines are available from you local Central Coast library. Image: Creative Commons CC0

Central Coast commuters never have to worry about forgetting reading material again by taking advantage of the free eBranch collections through their local Library.

Following the launch of the combined Library Management System in October, members now have access to more than 18,000 junior and adult eBooks and eAudiobooks as well as 278 eMagazines.

With many commuters returning to work this week, Council Unit Manager Libraries, Michelle Swan-Beardmore, reminds residents that access to their local library can be found in their back pocket.

“With over a quarter of our residents travelling outside of the region for work, our eBranch provides a convenient way to access books and magazines from any digital device with internet connection,” Ms Swan-Beardmore said.

“Unlike eBooks, our eMagazines aren’t ‘borrowed’ – once downloaded to your device they can be read anywhere, anytime, even without access to WIFI – there is no limit to the number you can download.

“Best of all it is all free, meaning residents never have to pay for a magazine subscription again.

“This is just one of the ways we are ensuring we deliver the services residents want in the format they want it.”

There are three eBook and eAudio platforms – BorrowBox, Overdrive and RBdigital – with RBDigital also offering eMagazine access.

To find out how to borrow or download platform applications visit and click on eLibrary for information.

“Our eBranch isn’t limited to eBooks and eMagazines, offering a dynamic collection of online resources to meet the growing demand from our community,” Ms Swan-Beardmore added.

“Our comprehensive eBranch includes eMovies, educational resources for kids, language courses, word puzzles, computer programs, online newspapers and much, much more!

“All these fantastic resources and services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing members to connect, learn or relax in a manner and time that works for them.

“If you have friends or family who are visiting the area let them know they can also benefit from amazing eBranch services, with temporary online memberships available.

“With so much on offer online, summer holidays are the perfect time to rediscover your local library.”

To become a member and take advantage of what is on offer go to

Source: Melanie Sutton, Central Coast Council media. Jan 11, 2017