Year ends on a dry note

Year rain to December 2017 in Umina, Central Coast. Image: Jim MorrisonYear rain to December 2017 in Umina, Central Coast. Image: Jim Morrison

The Peninsula’s total rainfall for 2017 looked like coming in just under the annual average according to rainfall data from Mr Jim Morrison of Umina.

The cumulative total rainfall for the year had reached 1180.1mm by December 21 compared to a cumulative average annual rainfall for the Peninsula of 1296mm. Another 100mm of rain would have needed to fall between Friday, December 22 and 31 to reach that cumulative average. Less than 200mm has fallen in the last six months. Mr Morrison had recorded below-average rainfall for the previous fi ve months so expectations of reaching the overall annual average were low. Greater-than-average rainfall was recorded in only three months during 2017, namely February, March and June. March was the bumper month for rainfall on the Peninsula in 2017 when 485.2mm fell which was 362.2mm more than the cumulative monthly March average. September was the driest month with only 1mm of rain recorded.

SOURCE: Rainfall data, 22 Dec 2017 Jim Morrison, Umina