Where are the regional boundaries?

Letters to the editor

I wonder whether anyone really knows what and where the NSW Central Coast is.

For example, the Sydney Television channels display Gosford as being part of Central Coast but vaguely refer to it as part of Sydney. Therefore, is it part of Sydney? If so, why? The Sun Herald (Sydney) issued a magazine with an advert from VisitNSW for the “Central Coast” and then the whole thing related to Newcastle. What is the southernmost boundary of and the northernmost boundary the Central Coast region? Wollongong is classified as the Illawarra and a separate region but the region of the Central Coast is an anomaly. Newcastle is classified as being in the Hunter region. What is the southernmost boundary of that region? And so one could go on. It’s time that the whole regional situation be addressed to set out, once and for all, what the areas are and refer to them as such. Source: Email, 1 Dec 2017 Ian Butler, Pearl Beach

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