Twelve community consultation committees to be established

Community consultation committees are back !Community consultation committees are back !

The new Central Coast Council was expected to reinstate up to 12 community consultation committees when it held its last ordinary meeting for the year on December 18.
All committees of the former Wyong Council were abolished when the Council was dismissed, amalgamated with Gosford Council, and placed under Administration as the Central Coast Council in May, 2016.
Central Coast Mayor, Jane Smith, moved in a Mayoral Minute, that Council establish a range of advisory committees and trust committees.
A total of 12 Advisory Committees were proposed in the Mayoral Minute.
The twelfth proposed advisory committee was the Gosford CBD and Waterfront Advisory Committee.
The Mayor also moved to reinstate three trust committees of the former Gosford Council.
Mayor Smith formally moved: “That Council invite stakeholder representation, as appropriate, and advertise for community representatives on the proposed Advisory Committees.”
Councillors will be invited to nominate which committees they wish to participate in.
The first meeting of each committee would review its terms of reference, additional stakeholder representation, code of conduct and frequency and timing of meetings.
Council’s CEO was to identify appropriate staff to participate in each committee.
Administrative staff will be provided to take the minutes of each committee meeting and those minutes, including recommendations, will be reported to Council meetings.
The Mayoral Minute outlined the purpose for establishing each of the committees.
The Arts Advisory Committee would be charged with providing advice and input on Arts activities and providing advocacy support for the theatres and theatre programs.
The principal role of the Catchments and Coast Committee would be to assist Council in the development and implementation of Coastal Management Plans.
The Waste Committee will review strategies for the management of waste and consider and recommend strategies to minimise waste.
The Coastal Open Spaces System Committee, previously confined to the former Gosford Council, has many stated purposes including a review of the COSS boundaries.
The Employment and Economic Development Committee will provide input for the planning, implementing and monitoring of strategies to promote jobs and economic development, with a focus on emerging and sustainable industries and jobs.
The Environment and Climate Change Committee also has multiple stated purposes including providing input into Council’s plans, strategies and activities relating to the local environment.
A Floodplain Risk Management Committee has been established to assist Council in the development and implementation of floodplain risk management plans.
The new Heritage Advisory Committee will provide a forum for community consultation on heritage matters and support Council to achieve its heritage objectives.
A Social Inclusion Committee will consider plans, priorities and actions on equity and diversity issues.
The Water and Advisory Committee will provide input to Council for the planning, implementation and monitoring of strategies to provide sustainable water and sewer service to the area’s growing population.

Agenda item 2.1, Dec 18
Central Coast Council ordinary meeting