Special holiday show and workshop for young inventors and creatives

Loose Ends and the Wacky Lollu Shooting Machine Workshops will keep creative keeps entertained at The Art House this January

A special holiday show for young inventors and creatives is coming to The Art House in January.
‘Journey to the world of Loose Ends’, is a wild and wonderful children’s show with poetic gadgets, naughty puppets and circus tricks that pop up when you’re least expecting it.
This is a world where music appears from lemons, carrots and bunny’s bums, monsters go crazy, and birthday parties are ferociously celebrated.
Loose Ends tells the story of a man who can’t cope with the world and the people outside his door.
So, he creates a strange secluded universe filled with cardboard boxes.
Boxes for everything: nails, shoes, plants, but also courage, fun or pain.
Everything is under control and all he needs can come out of a box.
One day, he decides to create a friend, and then another one, and suddenly he finds himself all mixed up in emotions of friendship, betrayal, loyalty and jealously, catapulting him to the need of a big final decision between managing life on his own and the value of a real connection.
In a funny and mesmerising show combining custom-built contraptions, puppetry, circus, shadow projection, music and transformed objects, Loose Ends is a touching story about friendship, loyalty and inventiveness
Loose Ends has toured Adelaide Fringe, and appears at The Art House as part of a national tour.
In conjunction with Loose Ends, The Art House will also be running a special holiday workshop for creative kids.
The Wacky Lolly Shooting Workshop will take place on January 16 and 17 at The Art House.
Science, fun and construction go hand-in-hand as kids get introduced to the world of chain reactions and create a room-sized Lolly-Shooting machine out of recycled materials.
In a one-hour workshop guaranteed to make science fun, kids aged 8-12 are introduced to the physics behind contraptions, learning about gravity, machines and chain reactions.
The children are split into groups and start transforming a pile of apparent random stuff into a working component of a whole ‘Wacky Lolly Shooting Machine’.
Once all assembled and connected, the inventors sit back and watch as the chain reaction is triggered.
Introducing kids to basic concepts of physics, while having fun, the workshop goes hand-in-hand with Loose Ends.

Media release, Dec 5
Emily Miller, The Art House