Party councillors have been missing in action

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In response to Fred Charles, “Do we have to wait another three years?”, how would things have been different when the candidates that were elected didn’t live on the Peninsula?

Like usual, we are the forgotten south of the LGA, and now we become even more forgotten as our make-believe elected representatives don’t come past the west Gosford interchange unless they will get something in return like praise for what they have done from their party faithful. They all claimed to be for the people of the Peninsula during the election but they have been missing in action since being elected. No media releases or motions to Council for the betterment of the Peninsula. So I think you will have to wait another three years for the chance to elect a new set of representatives who live on the Peninsula or at least close to the Peninsula, and hopefully the new representatives will all be independents, not just androids for the political machines they work for or used to represent.

Email, 13 Dec 2017 Carl Veugen, Umina