Neighbour alert program for bushfire emergencies

Pearl Beach from on high. Image: Wiki Commons

The Pearl Beach Safety Advisory Group has recently initiated a program called Neighbour Alert.
The aim is to work together in a bushfire emergency, providing information to residents about fires affecting Pearl Beach.
So far, the group has recruited 40 volunteer street contacts who have been contacting their neighbours, and encouraging them to prepare their bush fire survival plan.
Over 200 households have registered to be advised of relevant information.
A highly visible emergency survival kit is now available, having emergency contact information on the outside and an emergency survival check list inside.
The checklist is designed to help people pack the important items that they need to take with them in the event of a bushfire.
These bags are for sale for $10 with a donation to be given to the Pearl Beach fire brigade.
“It’s important we make early preparations for an emergency and these red bags provide a highly visible place to keep our bushfire survival plan and other emergency documents,” said Mr Greg McPhee, a member of the Neighbour Alert team.

Media Release, 5 Dec 2017
Greg McPhee, Safety Advisory Group