Having printed train timetables is essestial


I am hearing from both regular commuters and casual train travellers that new railway timetables are like the proverbial rocking horse poo; non-existent.
I was a regular commuter for 10-12 years and am now a retired casual train traveller.
I also worked for some years in middle management at CityRail in Newcastle.
Not providing timetables is an absolute nonsense.
Yes, they may be available online, but many people, especially older folks, cannot use computers.
Many who have mobile phones use them as phones, not smartphones.
Of those who are computer competent, not everyone, myself included, has large data availability online.
In my view, this is a blatant attempt to avoid adverse comment, and we all know that depriving people of information is the first step to disempowerment.
The Minister for Transport should fix this immediately.

Email, Nov 28
Kevin Armstrong, Tumbi Umbi