Domestic violence provisions

Domestic violence provisions for Central Coast Council employees will be reviewed after the unanimous acceptance of a motion by Clr Jeff Sundstrom.
“I am aware that there is a genuine desire on the part of all concerned that employees that are victims shall be afforded support and guidance,” Clr Sundstrom said.
“I am also aware that, within the former Gosford Council, former Councillor, Vicki Scott, brought a motion on this subject with similar intent, which was accepted,” he said.
“My request is to uncover where we are now with the intention of coming back later with a motion that puts our employees in the best possible position if they should find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance.”
Clr Sundstrom’s motion stated: “The Council note with concern that the Central Coast region is approaching the highest level of domestic violence in NSW.
“That Council acknowledge that a more community-wide, inclusive approach, which includes all levels of government, is needed to take a stand and reject this unacceptable behaviour and provide suitable assistance to all Council employees.
“That Council request the CEO to undertake a review of the Council’s domestic violence (DV) provisions for employees and report back to Council on the following items and any other additional areas or relevance.”
In particular, CEO, Mr Brian Bell, has been asked to report back to a future meeting of Council on what leave provisions are in place now for employees that are victims of domestic violence, what support services Council offers to its employees in relation to escaping and recovering from DV, and what further support could be offered to employees that are victims of DV.
All 13 Councillors at the November 27 meeting spoke in favour of the motion and wore T-shirts, caps or white ribbons in recognition of the issues surrounding domestic violence within its own workforce and the broader community.

Item 6.2, Nov 27
Central Coast Council ordinary meeting