Comprehensive guide to the Central Coast’s best Christmas lights

The Playing in Puddles website has a map of Christmas Lights across the CoastThe Playing in Puddles website has a map of Christmas Lights across the Coast

In the countdown to Christmas, families all over the Central Coast are preparing to dazzle their neighbours as Christmas light displays go up, and locals embrace their festive sides in a friendly competition to be named the best and brightest house on the block.
An evening drive around the suburbs to take in all the grandeur and festive cheer has long been a tradition for families across the Coast, and now for the first time, Playing in Puddles, a one stop shop website, has put together a comprehensive guide to the Central Coast’s best Christmas lights.
Ms Katie Stokes, the mum and creative mind behind Playing in Puddles, said the map was all about helping parents and carers on the Coast find the best displays near them.
“Christmas is nearing and houses across the Central Coast will soon be getting dressed in their festive best.
“Strings of lights will adorn guttering, silver reindeer will nibble at sun-baked lawns, blow-up Santas will sway in the evening breeze and families will be driving very, very slowly through suburban streets pointing out lights to each other,” Ms Stokes wrote on Playing in Puddles.
“This is a map for all local families and we want you to be involved.
“If you decorate your house, we invite you to include your place on the map.
“Know of a house in your street that puts on a great display?
“Add them too.
“We’ll be updating this map and feature often, so make sure you check back regularly,” she added.
“The whole reason I started Playing in Puddles was because I was finding it really difficult to find places to take my kids, or fun things for them to do on the Coast,” Ms Stokes said.
“I hope the Christmas lights map will help families find the best lights near them and the idea was to take any stress out of planning what should be a fun experience with the kids,” she said.
For parents and carers on the Coast planning to tour the 2017 displays, Ms Stokes had this advice: “I know from compiling this map that a lot of the really special displays always go that little bit extra on Friday and Saturday nights.
“Some owners are also supporting local charities through their displays, so it’s always good to have a few gold coins on you when you’re out and about.
“Families planning a massive tour of the Coast should also lock in Saturday, December 16, as their night of choice, because the 16th has heaps of one off events happening at displays all around the Coast, like free Santa visits, jumping castles and a sausage sizzle,” Ms Stokes continued.
Another insider tip from Ms Stokes for southern Coasties was to look north when planning their drives.
“Some of the biggest displays and best free activities on the 16th will be taking place at homes on the northern end of the Coast.
“It will be worth the drive,” she promised.
Locals wishing to plan their Christmas light drive can visit Playing in Puddles for a full guide of displays across the Central Coast, directions and additional information such as, if a house has a nominated best viewing time, a scheduled date for when the display will be erected, or whether or not the owners will also be having a special event or any additional activities that coincide with their display.

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Reporter: Dilon Luke