Bulk kerbside rubbish collection arrangements to be reviewed

Arrangements for bulk kerbside rubbish collection will be reviewed by Central Coast Council.
A motion put by Clr Jeff Sundstrom and passed at the Central Coast Council ordinary meeting on November 27, called for the CEO, Mr Brian Bell, to present a report to Councillors regarding the policies around bulk kerbside collection.
Clr Sundstrom said areas of particular interest that he wanted the report to address, included whether current processes were working efficiently and what improvements could be made.
“What are the difficulties that the residents have with compliance with the policy?” Clr Sundstrom asked.
“Are there residents that cannot take advantage of the option of Bulk Kerbside Collection and why that may be?
“Are there benefits to Council or residents to allow a system of exchanging Bulk Kerbside Collection for free tipping at the closest suitable facility?
“Do residents from both the former Councils have similar options available to them?”
Clr Sundstrom’s motion was carried and a report will be prepared for Councillors.

Item 6.3, Nov 27
Central Coast Council ordinary meeting

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