They will not supply a dredge – stop asking

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Again yesterday the ferry scraped the bottom, headed to Patonga and buses had to be marshalled.

The pressure is on and should be pressed harder but, please, over the past two years, there have been a number of press releases and statements from the State Government and office of Adam Crouch.

They will not supply a dredger. Stop asking for it. The State Government has funded the business study and made most of the money available. Now the Central Coast Council needs to put the plan in place, buy a dredger and start the work. Central Coast Council has a new set of councillors, a new general manager, a new attitude and just need to get on with it, urgently. In Queensland, Cronulla, West Australia, councils have done this so it is possible, practical and urgently needed. Direct pressure where it is needed: onto your local councillors – to get started, urgently.

Email, 22 Nov 2017 Godfrey Franz, Gosford